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Four Seasons Combo Pack Bridge Tallies

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The Four Seasons Bridge Tally Combo Pack
Our reusable, laminated bridge tallies feature large, easy to read numbers with seasonal designs. Each order of our laminated tallies comes with our Individual Score Pads, these bridge tallies can be used over and over again. We include matching laminated table numbers and scoring tips with each set of bridge tallies. 2 Table Bridge Tallies, 3 Table Bridge Tallies, 4 Table Bridge Tallies, 5 Table Bridge Tallies and 6 Table Bridge Tallies available.
Combo pack contains 1 set of each of the four season designs.
2-Table Combo Packs include 4 individual score pads.
3-Table Combo Packs include 6 individual score pads.
4-Table Combo Packs include 8 individual score pads.

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